Managed Technology Services Provider Offers Synchronous Internet Service to Community

HIGH RIVER – March 2021 – Jolee Electronics, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently announced that the organization has invested in a high-speed data tower which is capable of providing extremely high-speed internet to the businesses and people who rely on the internet to run their businesses and lives. In the wake of COVID-19, many businesses have been forced to rely more heavily on the Internet to facilitate transactions, transact with customers and keep their businesses thriving. However, during this challenging period, the provided public Internet speeds have caused frustration and significant problems for business owners, due to their inability to accommodate the data requirements of increased transactions and large file transfers. For SMBs (small to mid-sized businesses) this lack of Internet performance meant that customers would have to wait for their transactions to go through, causing frustration amongst staff and patrons, employees would have lots of trouble sending or receiving large files, creating unnecessary downtime.

Typically, the local government would step in to handle this type of problem, and was originally in discussions to bring Fibre into the town, however unfortunately, due to budgeting problems and increased costs, they were unable to supply the Internet service required by businesses in operation, which is why Jolee Electronics Inc. t/as JEI Tech stepped up to assist the business community during this trying time.

“We stepped in because too many business owners were frustrated with this issue and something simply needed to be done,” comments Lee-Anne Coleman, President of Jolee Electronics Inc. t/a JEI Tech. She later added, “Slow speeds were affecting us and after finding out that several businesses were suffering from the same issue, we realized it was a perfect opportunity to leverage our expertise to offer a valuable solution to the community we care so deeply about.”

Not so surprisingly, more industries than ever before have become intensely reliant on low-latency, synchronous Internet service to operate successfully. “Key factors in a modern internet connection solution is not only the speed, but also but also require low latency (under 10 seconds) and the network needs to be able to sustain the load on it. Solving this core problem, creates so many positive ripple effects into the community. For example, if a financial institution needs quick speeds to access the stock market, this can help. If accountants have huge data storage demands and need to constantly be in communication with clients, this helps. We even have businesses who are using high-resolution photography or high-resolution video files, who can’t afford to sit around and wait for hours for something to upload. Our goal was to solve this problem, for any business with intensive data demands so that they can focus on what’s truly important; growing their revenues.”

Jolee is now offering Synchronous Service with download speeds of 100MBs/sec and upload speeds of 100MBs/sec, which will keep businesses running smoothly, even if they place heavy demands on their technology. This solution is a perfect example of the business philosophy at Jolee. The company is focused on finding quick, practical solutions to technical problems, which not only alleviate collective headaches, but empower businesses to increase their bottom-line.


Jolee Electronics Inc. provides comprehensive technology solutions that keep their clients going strong. Our commitment to designing and implementing scalable and dynamic solutions began over 10 years ago and has evolved into a consistent and reliable solution that answers our clients demands of better, faster, more dependable.

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