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HIGH RIVER – July 18th, 2023

You could say he was born into it and you wouldn’t be wrong. Scott Coleman got his start in the world of IT when he was just 10-years-old, tinkering on computers in his parents’ shop.

When he turned 16 and got his driver’s license, he officially became an employee at JEI Tech out of High River, installing Xplornet radios for internet connections and building managed internet systems for customers.

“What I really appreciate about our business is we have a lot of different clients – veterinarians, dentists, legal, logistics and trucking, oil and gas,” said Scott. 

This variety keeps life interesting, but also puts his education in network administration to very good use.

“The program at SAIT gave me knowledge of so many different technologies,” he said.” It was 50% hands-on and 50% theory and it helped in getting experience right away.”

Whether it’s helping troubleshoot a customer’s printer problems, or building a reliable and stable internet connection, Scott is happy to have his education and expertise working for him and JEI Tech. 

“The need for good, reliable, stable internet – more than just speed – has become crucial. We are trying to make your life easier by utilizing technologies you might not know exist,” he explained.

 The hardest part of the job is keeping up with new technologies, and Scott is definitely up on technology. His vast knowledge is clear as soon as you get him on the topic of IT. Explaining how technology works in a way that is easy for those outside of the industry is a skill in itself, and one he is quite good at.

“We go to three to four conferences per year and share knowledge and with 200+ members across North America, that’s a huge wealth of knowledge.”

JEI Tech’s future lies in a service called managed internet – a method that uses various internet services to make sure a customer’s internet has a near 100% uptime. This is where JEI Tech truly shines. Their managed internet services are bringing consistent, stable and reliable Internet to your business, wherever it is. Currently, JEI Tech serves clients in Terrace BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Grand Prairie, High River, Nanton and surrounding areas.

“Our managed internet will use what is available and best for your area,” said Scott. “Everything runs off it – credit cards, the cloud. People need reliable and stable internet.”

For more information on JEI Tech’s managed internet service, drop them a line on their website ( and ask for Scott.

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JEI Tech provides comprehensive technology solutions that keep their clients going strong. Our commitment to designing and implementing scalable and dynamic solutions began over 10 years ago and has evolved into a consistent and reliable solution that answers our clients demands of better, faster, more dependable.

Investments in education, knowledge and experience give our customers the ability to depend on a partner that provides intelligent, skilled solutions. This proficiency and unwavering support allows our partners to focus on their business requirements, trusting the support of a strong, dynamic, and reliable IT environment. Great leadership requires vision, commitment and the ability to make quick educated decisions. JEI Tech has recruited some of the best talent, coast to coast, in the IT sector to provide the most reliable and forward thinking IT analysts for your home and business. With well over 50 years combined experience, there is no job too big – or too small.

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