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HIGH RIVER – August 16th, 2023

There are many upsides to remote work, including:

  • Lower costs for your company – there is no need for expensive physical office space which means a savings in IT, equipment, square footage and utilities.
  • Enhanced cybersecurity – with remote workers, IT security is front and centre. The boss’s eyes will be on potential cybersecurity threats and this makes your entire network more secure.
  • Scalable IT support – these days, it’s so simple to provide our clients with IT support. Help really is a screenshare away. Our professionals can even access devices remotely and fix the problem over the internet.
  • Geographical reach – your talent pool just grew to worldwide size. You can hire anyone from anywhere when you don’t need them to come into the office to work.

The world has changed and if you feel WFH remote work is a good fit for your company, there is no reason we can’t build an IT solution to suit you. Of course there are always drawbacks and we would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about them.

To be fair, there are some challenges to managing remote work and IT:

  • Increased cybersecurity risks – we know, we said you’d have enhanced security as a plus for WFH, but with more ports or computers accessing your network from various connections, it does leave you vulnerable to data breaches if not properly managed.
  • Complex network management – building a WFH remote network isn’t something anyone can do. A certain level of knowledge is needed to build and manage remote networks, especially if your employees or contractors want to work from the beach or their campsite. Nevertheless, it can be done with a little know-how and expertise.
  • Hardware and software – there is the potential of compatibility issues ranging from devices, software and networks. Annoying but fixable.
  • Limited access – having confidence that your remote worker can help troubleshoot any hardware issues for our IT professionals. Sometimes it is as simple as turning it off and turning it on again.

It’s up to you if the merits of remote work outweigh the challenges. We can’t help you with that, but we can help you set up a secure and reliable network. The options and configurations for work from home set ups number in the hundreds and the jargon will make your head spin – the cloud, VPNs, MFAs, endpoint security, patch management, data protection and edge security to name a few. There is no need to stress yourself out trying to memorize all the acronyms; we know what they mean and what they do, let us help you with your set up.

The beauty of JEI Tech is once we know what you want, we can help you with what you need. We aren’t going to try to sell you a Maserati when what you need is a reliable Honda. IT support isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. Our professional IT technicians will help you find that Goldilocks fit, all depending on your industry, business size and potential cyber threats.


JEI Tech provides comprehensive technology solutions that keep their clients going strong. Our commitment to designing and implementing scalable and dynamic solutions began over 10 years ago and has evolved into a consistent and reliable solution that answers our clients demands of better, faster, more dependable.

Investments in education, knowledge and experience give our customers the ability to depend on a partner that provides intelligent, skilled solutions. This proficiency and unwavering support allows our partners to focus on their business requirements, trusting the support of a strong, dynamic, and reliable IT environment. Great leadership requires vision, commitment and the ability to make quick educated decisions. JEI Tech has recruited some of the best talent, coast to coast, in the IT sector to provide the most reliable and forward thinking IT analysts for your home and business. With well over 50 years combined experience, there is no job too big – or too small.

We offer everything from turnkey server and network design, implementation and maintenance, spam filtering and virus removal to data recovery and backup strategies. Thriving on long – term relationships with our clients, most have been with us from day one. Give your business that competitive edge, contact us for your free consultation!

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