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The server is arguably the most important computer on your network. It runs all of your critical software, houses all of your data, hosts your website, handles your email and any number of other important tasks. It must be reliable, fast, stable, and capable of recovering your data should a disaster occur.

We custom design Lenovo, Dell and HP servers with Intel Xeon processors to suit your needs and provide complete installation and setup using our high level of experience. Built only with the most reliable components and knowledge to implement proper fail-safe strategies we ensure that your server remains “bullet-proof”.

After custom building servers for more than 10 years, we know how to implement proper redundancy and backup techniques that will keep your data safe and secure.


We proudly sell Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft workstations and laptops for your home or small business. Simply let us know what you want your system to do, and we will help you choose a model at a price point that meets your needs.

All of our systems can be built to your specifications, so you never receive stale technology. We sell only the best name-brand systems which are backed by a standard 1-year manufacturer’s warranty which can be extended to 3 years or more depending on your needs.

Since we are authorized resellers, we can offer a supplemental warranty support to your systems, with next business day support. We can also install anti-virus software, Microsoft Office, or any other OEM or retail software package you like, and even pre-configure everything so that when you turn on your system for the first time, it is ready to use. Call us today to get a free quote!

Business Grade Networks

Let’s look at a couple important facts:

You have plenty of competitors who are just waiting to take your customers.
You have better things to do with your time than worry about your computers or your network.

Jolee Electronics Inc. offers a full range of solutions, whether you have been in business for years or are just starting up. With 24/7 monitoring of your network and systems, we are – most times – able to resolve issues before you are aware there was trouble. This allows you the peace of mind to focus solely on growing your business and staying ahead of your competition.

We monitor:
• Servers
• Workstations
• Network connectivity

In addition to this, we also offer content filtering systems and firewall protection for your network. This will allow you to filter and block content that could be harmful to your environment, or just a distraction to your employees.

Give us a call today, we will visit your office and provide a FREE – no obligation – 2 hour network audit. We will show you the current state of your environment and arm you with the necessary information to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

Exchange E-Mail

Full Mailbox Access – Mobile, browser or email client provide access to all your mail, all the time. With POP3, downloaded messages are stored on the local client and taken off the server, preventing the ability to view the data elsewhere. (If you opt to ‘keep a copy on the server’, you will still only be able to see your Inbox – not any other folders).

Sharing and Collaboration – When you use Exchange with Outlook, you can quickly and easily check availability of co-workers, conference rooms, and shared resources by viewing multiple calendars side by side. With POP3, there is no sharing or collaboration. You are not limited to sharing just a Calendar – with Exchange, you can share any folder in your Mailbox, files and anything in your Public Folders.

Backups – Up to 70% of your business data is in Outlook. If your hard drive crashes you will lose all of your Outlook data. With exchange, a copy of all of your data is stored on your local client – another copy remains on the server. If a computer crashes, with Exchange, configuring a new computer, with the existing mailbox information, will bring all of the data, once lost, back down, in its entirety to the new computer.

Synchronization with Mobile Devices – Stay in contact with your customers and colleagues whether you are in the office, on the road or at home. Access your e-mail, contacts, and calendar from your Android, Apple, Blackberry, Treo, and Windows Mobile Devices.

Available as an on-site addition to your existing infrastructure and a cloud version. We manage and maintain both so you are never left waiting for mail.


Data is the life blood of business.

How much is your data worth to your business?
Do you have a backup strategy in place?

Jolee Electronics Inc. can help you keep your data protected. Not only from a hard drive failure, but acts of god as well. We offer several options for data backup. Call us today to and we will tailor-fit a solution to your needs.

SLA Maintenance

Maintenance (SLA) Contracts are offered as an option to have your network completely maintained and monitored by us 24/7. There are many benefits:

  • Lower hourly rates
  • Rapid response time
  • Familiar face
  • Knowledge of your environment
  • Advance warning of many issues

When you sign up with Jolee Electronics Inc. we perform an in depth analysis of your environment and create a map of your network. This allows us to have the documentation, readily available, to provide quicker resolution – saving you downtime and money.

Every maintenance contract is custom fit to your needs and budget. Call us today to find out how we have been keeping so many companies running smooth.