Documents: Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions
  1. While Jolee Electronics Inc. makes its best efforts and uses only equipment approved by its technicians, due to the nature of the Internet, Networking and Hardware failure Jolee Electronics Inc. provides no guarantees against the loss of data. This includes but is not limited to files, databases, records and E-Mail.
  2. Jolee Electronics Inc. recommends regular backups be kept by the client in a rotation. The minimum rotation being on backup on site and one backup off site or a cloud backup solution.
  3. Jolee Electronics Inc. is always available to test and verify the integrity of your backups by restoring your choice of a backup to prove that in the event of a failure you can in fact access your data.
  4. Jolee Electronics Inc. recommends that these backups be verified on a monthly basis.
  5. Any equipment which is installed by Jolee Electronics Inc. carries a 1-year limited warranty. Warranty applies to equipment only. Warranty does not cover labour or mileage.
  6. Jolee Electronics Inc. recommends that all machines be regularly checked by way of routine inspection by trained technicians for viruses and malware that may be affecting performance of your equipment and may lead to the loss and deletion of data. While Jolee Electronics Inc. installs antivirus software on all client’s machines Jolee Electronics Inc. offers no guarantee and accepts no liability in the event of viruses causing any losses to client’s machines.
  7. Due to the fact that internet access is being provided by Internet Service Providers and their services are out of our scope of control, we recommend that clients who feel internet is essential to their operations engage two providers, thus providing some redundancy in the case that one connection fails. Jolee Electronics Inc. accepts no liability for the loss of connectivity to the internet due to the internet provider or equipment failure.
  8. There are no additional oral or collateral representations other than those which are specifically included in this Agreement Form.