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Phone Systems2023-09-18T22:25:14-06:00


Compared the other technologies, telephony appears to have been slow in development over the past few decades, largely because the advancements have happened in the actual telephone exchanges or other areas behind the scenes and have not been particularly glamorous as opposed to mobile communications which take most of the limelight.

As a result the newest generation of telephony – Voice over IP or VoIP for short – has developed steadily with much less attention and inevitably less awareness and understanding of it’s advantages. Because VoIP communication is completely digital and uses Internet Protocol as it’s transmission standard, the need for costly on premise hardware to manage your lines is completely eliminated.

Another immediate benefit versus traditional phone systems is that you no longer need to share a few lines across multiple handsets, instead every handset has a dedicated line! How? You can read more on this and other features below, or if you are already interested in seeing how we can help you with this service, please get in touch for a consultation!

Features and Benefits

No Upfront Hardware Costs2018-03-26T23:23:04-06:00

With traditional PBX systems purchasing your handsets is only the beginning. You need to invest in costly PBX hardware to balance and route your available telephone lines to each handset, and any additional features like conferencing require yet more investment in additional hardware that needs to be installed into your main PBX equipment.

The beauty of VoIP is that none of this investment in hardware is required, at all. There’s no catch, this is just one of many wonderful benefits that come with technological advancement. Instead all of the heavy lifting being done by traditional on-premise PBX hardware, it is now handled on the “exchange” end of your service, by whichever provider looks after your service.

Advanced Auto-Attendant2018-03-26T23:25:03-06:00

Building on the expected features of automated menu and extension / voicemail handling, you will have the option to add dial by voice command and smarter extension handling including fallback to alternate destinations. Have a client calling for a specific employee but they are out of office? The system will try their cell phone, and if there’s still no pickup will fall back to their voicemail.

Split Location Ringing2018-03-26T23:25:34-06:00

If your organization has multiple locations you likely have departments that overlap or collaborate. Enhance their reachability and productivity with extensions that can dial and connect multiple locations at once.

Extended Service Reach2018-03-26T23:26:53-06:00

Because VoIP telephony does not rely on traditional copper lines service can be achieved in remote rural locations via 3G/LTE cellular service or even the use of radio relays to connect you to a serviceable broadband location.

Monitoring & Coaching Modes2018-03-26T23:27:30-06:00

Enhance security with the ability to monitor or record a call on any other handset and get real time training/coaching opportunities by being able to listen in and privately communicate with an employee while they are on the line with a caller.

No Limitations or Line Sharing2018-03-26T23:28:02-06:00

With the flexibility allowed by using Internet Protocol, you can have a virtually unlimited number of dedicated lines on a 1:1 ratio with the number of handsets you have installed. You choose how many handsets you need, and the lines are automatically assigned. Everything is setup to scale seamlessly with your business needs so you can add additional lines & handsets as your organization grows.

You can even setup remote employees to dial -through- your office when in the field, so your clients always see an incoming call from your recognizable office number and not an obscure private number!

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